Le Solférino
2 rue Solférino | 78600 Maisons-Laffitte | 48.946945, 2.149116

To visit nearby

  • Saint Germain en Laye castle, close to bus line N° 2 and RER station. Louis XIV was born here. Interesting prehistoric museum and chapel, which is considered to be Paris Sainte Chapelle architectural draft.
  • A 1.5 mile long terraced garden designed by Le Nôtre who also did Versailles park offering an outstanding point of view towards Paris and La Défense
  • Maurice Denis museum, in the family house where lived the nabi painter and whose chapel he decorated with such a talent
  • The Monte Cristo palace, where Alexandre Dumas used to live, with his Gothic castle whare he withdrew for writing

  • The Malmaison manor, where Napoleaon and Josephine lived and where Alexandre the first passed his last nigth of tzar in this world

  • And obviouly the Maisons Laffitte mansion, masterwork of François Mansart with his marvellous transparent silhouette

  • The Désert de Retz domain, rare example of a XVIII century british and chinese garden very well maintened in its original status.

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